Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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Perth's Local Experts in EV Charger Installations

Vantage West are Perth’s local experts in  Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging solutions.  We supply and install charging stations from Australia’s most trusted and recognisable electrical equipment manufacturers.

Give us a call if you want to discuss an installation at your residential or commercial property.

We can assess your existing electrical infrastructure and advise you on the available capacity, and the most economical means of achieving your desired result.

Vantage West are locally based in Western Australia and all our EV charging solutions are fully compliant with local standards

Whether you require a charger for just one car, or multiple, we have turnkey solutions for all makes and models of EV. 

  • Highest quality Australian components
  • Solar and smart home compatible
  • Wall mount and floor mount solutions
  • Residental EV charging installations
  • Commercial EV charging installations
  • Apartment units, EV charging solutions
  • DC fast charging solutions

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EV Charging Station Installations for Fleets

Vantage West work are engaged by Perth’s local businesses and  government councils  to advise, engineer, supply,  and install EV charging infrastructure.

If you manage a fleet of cars and are interested in converting to EV’s, give us a call. We provide advise on which brand of charging equipment will provide the most economic solution for your requirements. We are electrical contractors, first and foremost, and therefore our advice will always be impartial.

We can also offer multiple quotes, based on all the leading manufacturer’s equipment.

We can provide software solutions for billing, should you wish to on-charge the electricity costs of charging your vehicles. Otherwise, we can program our system and provide you with RFID access cards for your staff

We can also provide smart solutions for load management, which will ensure that your fleet is charged as fast as possible, while also protecting your site from becoming compromised by the increased electrical load.

We are local, and we will always be  available to provide you with technical support, as you require it.

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Fleet Vehicle Smart Charging Services

Client focussed electrical installations and services

Load Management

We can monitor the power usage of your building and continually adjust the charging output to get the most out of your sites electrical capacity while removing the need or expensive power upgrades. 

Smart Charging

You can monitor the live status of each station at your sites, via a smartphone or desktop. You can generate usage reports or resolve charger faults with one click of a button

Vehicle Telemetrics

We can offer a software solution that integrates with your vehicle telemetrics, allowing you to remotely track the location of your fleet vehicles, and the status of their charge

commercial electric car charger installation

Commercial EV Charging Station Installations

Vantage West supply and install EV charging solutions in commercial locations, such as shopping centers, office blocks, government facilities.

If you own or manage such a facility, we can assess your electrical infrastructure, discuss your current requirements, and advise on how best to achieve your desired outcome.

As local electrical contractors, our advise will have a strong focus on future-proofing your site against the future uptake of EV technology.

We have simple and economical solutions for  load management that will ensure your site never becomes overloaded by a future increase in EV uptake

For commercial locations such as carparks, and shopping centres, etc, we typically recommend a 22KW AC fast charger, which will provide approx 120km per hour of charge.

We can provide software and billing solutions, such that the cost of electricity can be on-charged to the patrons of your premises.

Best of all, Vantage West is a Western Australian business, that will always be  available to provide you with technical support, as you require it.

Call now to speak with the local experts in Commercial EV charging solutions.


Commercial Vehicle Charging Services

Client focused electrical installations and services

Universal Solutions

For commercial locations, we typically recommend 22KW AC fast chargers that come complete with a universal outlet, so you never have to worry about compatibility of different EV's.

Billing Software

We can set up your installation such that it is free for your employees, but billable for any other visitors who wish to use it. This way you can generate revenue whilst also increasing employee satisfaction.

Reporting and Analytics

You can easily access the data that matters to you business. You can generate detailed reports, view the status of the vehicles, and decide the level of access you wish to give to your staff

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Our friendly and helpful technicians will provide you with a detailed job report and photographs. Your site will be left neat and tidy.

Electric Car Charger Home Installations - Residential EV Charging

Client focused electrical installations and services

Analysis of Requirements

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will advise you of the most cost effective way of making it happen. We will provide impartial, expert, advise

Supply of components

We can supply you with EV charging components from the leading Australian manufacturers that you already know and trust

Installation of Hardware

We will carry out a high quality electrical installation that is compliant and tested to local standards, complete with a lifetime warranty on workmanship

Installation of Software

If you want all the bells and whistles we can do that too. We have software solutions for billing, remote managment and smartphone access

Maintenance and Support

We are local, here in Western Australia. All our workmanship is guaranteed. And if you need ongoing support, you know where to find us

Solar and Battery integration

We can provide a solution that is solar and battery compatible, so that you can fully utilise the power you generate at home

We supply and install Australia's most trusted EV technology

Client focused electrical installations and services

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