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Overview of Thermal Imaging and Thermographic Testing

Thermal imaging, or thermographic surveying, is a non-invasive, non-contact procedure that is designed to detect potential electrical faults and identify any switchboard hazards early, before a potentially costly or even dangerous failure.

Infrared Imagers “see” the heat radiated from your equipment in real time, just like a video camera sees visible light. Each thermogram is given a Subjective Repair Priority Rating which is based upon how critical the subject item is to the safe and profitable operation of your overall system. Overheating can cause premature deterioration and costly, unplanned failure of your equipment.

Our comprehensive thermographic testing, analysis and report, along with Subjective Repair Priority Ratings will help guide your prioritisation and planning of corrective measures to minimise the chance of fires and electrical faults which can potentially cause injuries, disruption and loss of productivity.

Our infrared surverying clients include Shopping centers, manufacturing and processing industries, and mining industries, where the integrity of the electrical supply is critical.

Furthermore, we are noticing that insurance companies are increasingly asking that insured premises provide an annual thermographic report as part of their fire risk assessment requirements

Comprehensive Thermographic Surveys & Reporting

So you can accurately identify faults and rectify them saving you time and money.

How Thermal Imaging & Infrared Services Can Benefit Your Business

Just like any other functional part, electrical components such as connections, joints and contacts are subject to deterioration over time. This is generally due to corrosion, loosening, over tightening, contamination and overloading. This deterioration causes an increase in electrical resistance and subsequently an increase in temperature. Without repair, further deterioration occurs, resulting in possible equipment failure, fire and even explosions.

The best way to identify such faults is to carry out regular Thermographic surveys on your Electrical distribution systems and components. Any high-resistance faults will be identified by infrared services and evaluated and any maintenance intervention can be scheduled as part of a predictable maintenance strategy.

All  infrared surveys are carried out by a Licensed thermographer and a highly detailed, yet accessible, infrared report is produced giving comprehensive details of all the items surveyed, highlighting faults and advising on the most effective solutions to repair.

A survey report will also demonstrate that as a business you are taking positive action to ensure that your electrical infrastructure is of a reasonable condition and that regular maintenance is being undertaken.

thermal imaging being used on fuse
thermal imaging being used on fuse

We Specialise in Electrical Maintenance using Infrared Testing

Here at Vantage West we therefore recommend regular thermographic surveys of the following types of equipment:

  • Fuse boards
  • Distribution boards
  • Equipment control panels
  • PLC systems
  • Motor control centres
  • High & Low main voltage systems
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Bus-bar systems
  • Transformers
  • UPS and battery systems

A regime of infrared testing will demonstrate that you are taking reasonable steps in relation to fire prevention in your electrical systems.

Nowadays more and more insurance companies require Thermographic surveys as part of their Fire risk assessment of your business.

Thermal Imaging Services

Client focussed electrical installations and services

Fault detection

Here at Vantage West, our technicians are trained, certified, and experienced in the use of Thermogrphic equipment. We can use this technology to identify and repair the weaknesses in your electrical infrastructure

Detailed Thermographic Reports

We provide detailed thermographic reports. Each element in your system will be coded and labelled for ongoing monitoring. For any faults identified, we will give it priority rating to assist you in your approach to repairs

Scheduled Repairs

We will ensure that all repairs are scheduled so that the downtime to your operations is kept to a minimum. This is why we are trusted by some of Perth's most prominent businesses to maintain their electrical infrastructure.

The Life Cycle of A Thermal Fault

  1. The birth of a hot spot is shown at point “A”.
    This hot spot can progress in many ways:
    1) It can fail in a matter of hours after birth;
    2) It can follow the simulated pattern as shown in the graph and fail at any point or go indefinitely.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it will never cure itself. It will eventually FAIL.

An investigation of hundreds of contactors has shown that many with small temperature rises (5 to 10ºC) above ambient were seriously deteriorated and others with temperatures of 100ºC or more had very little deterioration and vice versa.

The reason for this paradox is that excessive heating over an extended period causes connections to arc and burn to the point where severe deterioration takes place. Arcing causes the connector to weld to the conductor which forms a low resistance path for
current flow. As a result, heating of the components drops and may even cease entirely for a time. These unintentional welds are generally poor ones and are easily broken by mechanical stress, high load or fault currents. Once such a weld separates, heating and arcing takes place again until the connector re-welds to the conductor. Meanwhile, disintegration continues and, if not detected by inspection, the equipment eventually fails.

thermographic report on hotspot

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